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Ink Beauty FX Courses

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What is the correct brow style for my face shape? - free

What is the correct brow style for my face shape?  In this free training course we will give you all the tips and tricks to help enhance or soften various features of the face. Whether you use this for your own use or as a permanent makeup artist, we hope this will answer all the questions for you. 


Mapping 101 with Ink Beauty FX

This course is full of information on how to properly map brows so that you can be confident with your permanent makeup procedure.  You will learn the various tools that are out there for mapping, including where we purchased them and their costs.  We have included a live model in this course and a step by step procedure using our favorite method for mapping.  Also, includes some pro tips and tricks that we know you will find useful. 


Powder/Ombre Brow Course

Coming soon!

In this course you will learn the proper measurement and mapping of brows, including how to use various mapping tools.  Where we purchase our products and how much they cost. You will learn techniques for filling in powder brows and gradual color transition for ombre brows. There will be a live model demonstration as well as you working on your own model. You will receive 4 months of continued education as well as online practice, supplies to be able to start your first 20 clients and receive a complete manual.

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