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Eyeliner - FAQ

Prior to your appointment:

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- Any false eyelashes must be removed at least 3 days prior to your appointment.

- No lash growth serum can be used 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks after your appointment. This will promote bleeding

- No contacts at appointment and for 24 hours after.  The saline will remove and or change the pigment.

- No alcohol, caffeine, ibuprofen, fish oil, or blood thinners 24 hours prior to appointment, these will cause bleeding and push the pigment out.  

After your appointment:

- There could be swelling, but it will only last about 24-36 hours.

- Ice for the first 2 days or as needed (15 minutes at a time)

- Day 1 - wash with warm water and apply balm I provide for you and follow my instructions.

- Day 2-7 - Wash and balm morning and night.  

- Be sure to schedule your 6 week touch up.

- No makeup (mascara/eye shadow) for 5 days

- No contacts for 24 hours after appointment

- Do not use any other products on the area.

- No lash growth serum for two weeks

- No lash extension for two weeks

What type of pigments do I use?

I currently use Permablend, Ever After, Evenflo and World Famous Pigments. 

How long is the appointment?

This is an appointment that should not be rushed.  Anywhere from 1.5 -3 hrs.  


If it will help you relax, you can bring headphones. Please do not bring children to your appointment.


- Pregnant or nursing

- Under 18 years old

- Skin irritations including: sunburn, rash, eczema, shingles, acne or psoriasis near the treated area

- Had botox within 2 weeks of your appointment.

- Diabetes

- Epilepsy

- Undergoing chemo

- Prone to keloid scarring

- Used Accutane in the past year

- Sick with cold, flu or sinus/respiratory infection (please reschedule your appointment)

- Transmittable blood disease, HIV or Hepatitis


A - Actron   Advil   Aggrenox    Aleve    Alka-seltzer    Anacin    Anaprox    Anexcia w/Code    Anodynos    Ansaid    A.P.C.    Artrotec    A.S.A    Ascriptin  Aspergum    Aspirin   Axotal

B - B-A-C    Bayer    Bexophene    Bextra    Brilinta    Buffered Aspirin    Buffaprin    Bufferin    Buffinol

C - Cama Arthritis Strength    Cataflam    Celebrex    Cheracol Capsules    Clinoril    Clopidogrel    Combunox    Congespirin

D - Damason-P   Darvon   Dasin    Daypro    DHC plus    Dia-Gesic    Diclofenac    Dipryridamole    Disalcid    Dolabid    Dolprin #3    Doxaphene    Dristan 

E - Easprin    Ecotrin    Emagrin Forte    Empirin    Equagesic    Equazine    Etodolac    Excedrin

F - Feldene    Fenoprofen    Fiogesic    Fiorgen PF    Fiorinal   4-Way Cold Tablets

G - Ginko Biloba    Gemnisyn

I - Ibuprofen    Indocin    Indomethacin

K - Ketoprofen    Ketorolac

L- Liquprin    Lodine     Lortab

M - Magnaprin    Marnal    Measurin    Meclofenamate    Mefenamic    Meloxicam    Meprobamate    Midol    Mobic    Momentum    Motrin

N - Nabumetone    Naprelan    Naprapac    Naprosyn    Naproxen    Norgesic    Nuprin

O - Orudis    Oruvail    Oxaprozin

P - Pabalate    P-A-C    Percodan    Persantine    Persistin    Piroxican    Plavix    Pletal    Ponstel    Prevacid w/Naprapac    Presalin    Profen

R - Relafen    Robaxisal    Roxiprin    Rufen

S - Salsalate    Saleto    Salocol    Soma Compound    Sprix Nasal Spray    St. Joseph    Sulindac    Supac    Synalgos-DC

T - Talwin    Ticagrelor    Ticlopidine    Ticlid    Tolectin    Tolmetin    Toradol    Trental    Trigesic    Trilisate

U - Ultraprin    Uni-Pro

V - Vanguish    Vicoprofen    Vimovo    Vitamin E    Voltaren

Z - Zipsor    Zorpin

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